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Couchmaid Video

The Couchmaid

The only sofa tray/ lap desk and breakfast tray all in one!

Be Hip

Sport the super slick Couchmaid


Why the Couchmaid is so unique:

  • Our sofa tray/ lap desk is durable, versatile and stylish too!
  • Need somewhere to put your snacks as you’re watching TV? Our lap desk converts into a sofa tray and is ideal for square sofa arms.
  • Want a new coffee table but don’t want to spend mucho dollars on one? Set the Couchmaid on top of your ottoman and voila you have a coffee table!
  • What is that you say?  It’s eco friendly too? You mean I am being environmentally friendly while using my lap desk too?

You know you want our multi functional Couchmaid. So what are you waiting for?